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abitha abitha diyani
abitha abitha diyani sinhala song ( ඔක්ජෝන් බිසව මරණයට.....)
අභිත දියණිය නාටයේ ඔක්ජෝන් බිසව මරණයට පත්වන දා.........
Abheetha Abheetha Diyani 95)
Abeetha Abeetha Diyani Korean Song
Abeetha Abeetha Diyani trailer (අභීත දියණිය)Sinhala Dubbed Drama trailer
Dong Yi - Jewel in the crown' is a world's famous and top rated Korean TV show and as well as it's a true story of that country.
Paayala Paayala Oba (පායාලා ඔබ දුරින් ‍රැදී - OST from Abeetha Diyani )
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Nihada Nihada Gamane Babara Nade & Video Abitha Diyani(dong yi/Jewel in the Crown) Nirosha Dilshan
Song = Nihada Gamane (Bambara Nade) Video= Abitha Diyani (dong yi / Jewel in The Crown)
Abheetha Abheetha Diyani 001
Abheetha Abheetha Diyaniya Sinhala Song ( අභීත දියණිය )
National Rupavahini is to telecast another serial drama 'The Jewel in the Crown' as 'Abhitha Diyaniya' from Monday,11th ...
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Abeetha Abeetha Diyani 17 (7.3.2013)
Abeetha Diyani 17 (7.3.2013)
أكبر تجمع للمغاربة إضغط جيم وإلتحق...