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Percheron Horses Barleylands Country Fair.

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National National percheron 2012 Sélectionnée depuis des siècles dans les herbages du Perche, le cheval percheron est une des plus anciennes races françaises.Depuis des siècles, le cheval percheron fait partie intégrante de la vie rurale : Il participe à tous les travaux des fermes, labours, moissons, transports de denrées,
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Percheron Percheron Thunder at Horse Progress Days Percheron Thunder driven by Jason Goodman. Roman Riding six black horses with a total weight of 12,300 pounds. and NEW! The HORSE PROGRESS DAYS DVD is now Available on Ebay.
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Horse Horse Ranch - Importing and Breeding USA - Percherons to Plow Horses - 1950's Today's Horse Farm - Breeds of horses including the Percheron on farms in USA. Imported horse types for breeding shown and other farm functions. Blacksmith shown shoing a horse. Plow horses also shown. Great pics of horses of all kinds in a great environment.
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First First Start Acres Percherons Young Sale Horses Here is a preview of select young sale horses to be offered in the First Start Acres Percherons Production Sale, June 9 & 10, 2011. These young horses are green broke, having been started over the winter. The entire Sale Catalogue can be viewed at: Video is a
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Présentation-vente Présentation-vente de chevaux percherons Soirée organisée par la Société Hippique Percheronne de France dans le cadre du Championnat de France Percheron au Haras national du Pin le samedi 28 septembre 2013.
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Bit Bit vs. Bitless Experiment, 1st horse (bitted) In October, 2008, at the Certified Horsemanship Association's International Conference, Dr. Cook undertook a unique experiment. It demonstrated that the performance of four horses immediately and significantly improved, within four minutes, when their jointed snaffle bridle was replaced with a cros
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World World Percheron Supreme Champion This video shows our home bred stallion Windermere's North American Maid (Moose) winning the 2010 Supreme World Championship in Des Moines, Iowa. The show took place on October 25 through 30, 2010. For more information on this stallion and stud service visit our website at http://www.windermerefarms
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Percheron Percheron Draft Horses on a Horsedrawn Disk Marc driving Jake and Oliver for the first time on a disk
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Percheron Percheron Horse Association hosts plowing contest The annual Percheron Horse Association of America plowing contest was held near Fredericktown, Ohio on Saturday, April 27, 2013. The plowing contest attracted participants from as many as 16 states with spectators from the general public usually numbering more than 100.
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Percheron Percheron Team - Captain & Cody Percheron draft horse team doing farm work. See Captain and Cody at the Billings Livestock Commission horse sale, in March 2011, Billings Montana USA
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Rescued Rescued Black Percheron arrival to Centre- Nov. 25, 2007 PLACED!!! CHARLIE FOUND A HOME, THANK YOU!!! Companion Horse. Charlie horse is a sweet heart and deserves a great forever home.... See for information!
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Snow Snow Day for our young percheron horse Toby, our young percheron, playing in the snow.
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Galloping Galloping Percheron My percheron gelding on an afternoon ride.
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Work Work horses pull more than 9000 lb. to start the stampede Bred for pulling heavy loads, originating in Belgium,Scotland, England and France these draft horses are amazing. They prance in anticipation of pulling showing their will to do the work. Perhaps with the price of oil going up their day may come again.
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Birth Birth of a Percheron Horse part 1 This film is the birth of a filly Percheron horse, born 1/28/08 at Cielo Azure Percherons. This is part one of two.
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Neil Neil Dimmocks 46 Percherons Put a little something together of our 46 horse hitch, driven by one man and no one leading after the first round using just two lines and the rest bucked back and tied ahead with the best hitch of them all, a talkington! we pulled a 26' deep tillage, recommended hp was 150 and the 46 and the right
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Percheron Percheron Horse Demonstration Demo of a Percheron horse at Texas Ren Fest 2009. Just showing the gentle nature of this large, draft horse.
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