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Percheron Horses Barleylands Country Fair.

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Percheron Percheron Stallion Yoder Farms Duke This is the pure Percheron stallion, Yoder Farms Duke, in harness. Duke stands at First Start Acres Percherons, Milverton, ON. He is an exceptional athlete and sire of champions. See more at Video production by UPDATE: Duke was the high selling horse, for
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Black Black Clydesdale Prancing Clydesdale stallion at Pineland farm, New Gloucester, Maine first annual show.
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Horse Horse Pull Windsor Fair 2012 Presents Windsor Fair Horse Pull 2012
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World World Percheron Supreme Champion This video shows our home bred stallion Windermere's North American Maid (Moose) winning the 2010 Supreme World Championship in Des Moines, Iowa. The show took place on October 25 through 30, 2010. For more information on this stallion and stud service visit our website at http://www.windermerefarms
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Horse Horse logging Sweden Per Eriksson, från Hästens Storskogsentreprenad AB i Katrineholm, skotar ut virke med ardennerhästarna Ruben och Krut. Från tätortsnära huggning i Stigtomta. Skogssällskapet är beställare. Per Eriksson, from Hästens Storskogsentreprenad in Katrineholm, hauls out the pulpwood with Ardennes
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North North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association State Championship Plowing Contest 2012 Please visit: and North Carolina Work Horse and Mules Association website: Fourth Annual State Plowing Contest held on June 2, 2012, Linden, N.C.
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TILLERS TILLERS INTERNATIONAL Logging with Oxen and Horses 2007.wmv In Tillers Draft Animal Logging class, oxen and draft horses demonstrate ecological methods for skidding logs from the woods with tongs, sleds, and arches. Practice skidding exercises with coaches (scaled to your driving skills). See demonstrations of tree felling techniques and safety. Learn ways t
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Heavy Heavy Horses - West Show 2008 This video shows the heavy horses being judged in the arena at Guernsey's West Show 2008. These heavy horses had come over for the show from England. You can see a seperate video of them doing an excellent display with Brewery dray carts on my Channel. I am not an expert on horse breeds but I think
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Belgium Belgium and Clydesdale Heavy Draft Horse Pull - [HD] Belgium and Clydesdale Heavy Draft Horse Pull - the work horses. A draft horse (US), draught horse (UK) or dray horse (from the Anglo-Saxon dragan meaning to draw or haul; compare Dutch dragen meaning to carry), less often called a heavy horse, is a large horse bred for hard, heavy tasks such as pl
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Belgian Belgian Draft Horse at work Belgian draft horse at work in a grass-land in Berlaar (Belgium) Admire the calm nature of a Belgian draft horse. Belgisch trekpaard aan het werk met de weide-eg in Berlaar. Cheval de trait travaillant
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A A Percheron History -photographic montage A few of featured photos from my collection of historic photos of the Percheron Horse from 1860-1950. Sources include: Hara du Pin photos, Col Walter's art book "A Percheron Horse" -1886, Sanders book -1917, magazine, ad journal and print sources. Enjoy!
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Neil Neil Dimmocks 46 Percherons Put a little something together of our 46 horse hitch, driven by one man and no one leading after the first round using just two lines and the rest bucked back and tied ahead with the best hitch of them all, a talkington! we pulled a 26' deep tillage, recommended hp was 150 and the 46 and the right
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How How to Stay on when your horse Freaks out! Tips for staying on a horse that is spooking, bucking, bolting, and the like
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Haying Haying with Draft Horses at Full and By Farm I'd like to introduce you to one of the lifestyle luxuries we're able to enjoy as year-round residents in Essex, New York. Please meet Sara Kurak and James Graves of Full and By Farm. We pick up our farm share every Thursday evening, and Sara emails the farm members in the morning to let us know wh
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Farmer's Farmer's Draft Horse Pulling Competition ( Part-2 ) What a great looking team of horse here pulling in the draft horse pull. Just amazing to see such a strong team of horses. SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!! Pinterest:
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First First Start Acres Percherons Young Sale Horses Here is a preview of select young sale horses to be offered in the First Start Acres Percherons Production Sale, June 9 & 10, 2011. These young horses are green broke, having been started over the winter. The entire Sale Catalogue can be viewed at: Video is a
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Five Five Fundamentals of Horse Training Part 1 of 2 with Horse Whisperer Missy Wryn This video is the second video of the Training the Whole Horse series, the FIVE FUNDAMENTALS FOR SAFER RIDING Part 1 of 2. This video is over 50 minutes long so pull out a note pad, sit back and get ready for lots of horse training tips and techniques. I'm sharing ALL my horse training videos for
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Belgian Belgian Draft Horses-national stallion champion 2014 The Belgian draft horse stallion Matteo van 't Rietenhof is the national champion of 2014. Owner is Dominique Van Riet of Londerzeel (Belgium). De Belgische trekpaardhengst Matteo van 't Rietenhof is de nationale kampioen van het jaar 2014. Fokker/eigenaar is Dominique Van Riet uit Londerzeel. Champ
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Logging Logging Poplar with Horses-February '11 Spend a morning with Ben Harris from Sinking Creek Horse Logging as he harvests some tulip poplar in the mountains of Virginia
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Horse Horse Logging With Chad Miano Horse Loggin' with Chad Miano, Dylan Miano, and Bob. Filming and Comments by Andon Zebal of Restoring the Americas. Restoring the Americas tells the story of one young man searching the world for anything that can help people make a living from forests without destroying them. Check it out at: htt
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