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Percheron Horses Barleylands Country Fair.

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Horse Horse Ranch - Importing and Breeding USA - Percherons to Plow Horses - 1950's Today's Horse Farm - Breeds of horses including the Percheron on farms in USA. Imported horse types for breeding shown and other farm functions. Blacksmith shown shoing a horse. Plow horses also shown. Great pics of horses of all kinds in a great environment.
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World World Percheron Supreme Champion This video shows our home bred stallion Windermere's North American Maid (Moose) winning the 2010 Supreme World Championship in Des Moines, Iowa. The show took place on October 25 through 30, 2010. For more information on this stallion and stud service visit our website at http://www.windermerefarms
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Percheron Percheron Horse Association hosts plowing contest The annual Percheron Horse Association of America plowing contest was held near Fredericktown, Ohio on Saturday, April 27, 2013. The plowing contest attracted participants from as many as 16 states with spectators from the general public usually numbering more than 100.
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6 6 Horse Hitches, all different Mini, Percheron, Belgian, and Haflinger hitches at the 2007 Horse Progress Days visit our farms website @
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Birth Birth of a Percheron Horse part 1 This film is the birth of a filly Percheron horse, born 1/28/08 at Cielo Azure Percherons. This is part one of two.
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Sampson Sampson - Goregeous White Percheron For Sale Purebred Percheron gelding, 11 yrs., 17 h., excellent conformation, striking appearance, pro-trained. Under saddle in dressage; knows leads, simple changes, shoulder in, haunches in, leg yield, beginning half pass, turn on forehand, turn on haunches, is great on trail. In harness; has been used
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